The second edition of Romanian Agri Trade Summit, Romania’s Agri Trade event, will take place on February 22, 2024 in Bucharest.

Following an extremely successful first edition, Romanian Agri Trade Summit 2024 aims to reaffirm Romania’s strategic role in global agribusiness and to bring together the most important players in the dynamic grain market – top Farmers, Traders, Processors and Distributors.

Romanian Agri Trade Summit is an unique event in the industry, combining one to one business interactions with panel discussions and an extensive exhibition section.

Current pressing and major impact topics in agribusiness will be debated through a complex dialogue between reputable analysts, authorities, and major players in the local and international agricultural market.

The event is organized by AgriColumn and Godmother.

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AGRIColumn is a provider of complex and complete services in Romania and in the countries bordering the Danube, and the AGRIColumn market report is a unique initiative in Romanian Agribusiness. Through the numbers published weekly, AgriColumn analyzes the local, regional and global market for the main commodities (wheat, corn, sunflower seeds, rapeseed, soybeans, etc.), makes medium and short-term forecasts and provides information in exclusivity about the real status of the market in Romania.

Godmother is an advertising agency with 24 years of experience, bringing together a team of senior professionals for whom flawless implementation, innovation and constant improvement are the standard.

Godmother has relevant experience in the field of Agribusiness, both from the perspective of organizing events and communication campaigns for top players in the field of agriculture, and as an organizer of events dedicated to the industry.