Romanian Agri Trade Summit, one of the largest events addressed to International Agribusiness, will take place on February 22, 2023 in Bucharest.

The initiative aims to reconfirm Romania’s strategic role in global agribusiness and to bring together the most important players in the dynamic grain market – top Farmers, Traders, Processors and Distributors.

Romanian Agri Trade Summit brings to the attention of the public a novel concept in the industry, combining one to one business interactions with panel discussions and an extensive exhibition section.

Current pressing and major impact topics in agribusiness will be debated through a complex dialogue between reputable analysts, authorities, and major players in the local and international agricultural market.

The event is organized by AgriColumn and Godmother.

Romanian Agri Trade Summit Agenda

  • Romania 2022 versus 2007, a reflected image sustained by figures
  • How important is the quality of genetic material in crop development - productivity and performance
  • The complexity of commercial transactions - understanding and building partnerships between farmers and buyers
  • Regional specificity of Romania and its positioning in the current geopolitical situation
  • Romania viewed as an origin for agricultural goods
  • Trends in cereals trade
  • Key factors in processing at local and regional level
  • Romania's medium and long term potential
  • Romania's role in the global context of agribusiness

Top agribusiness players meet at Romanian Agri Trade Summit 2023


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